TruRating Announces the Hire of Global Head of Marketing and Innovation, Amy Daugherty

New Global Head of Marketing & Innovation, Amy Daugherty, joins CX challenger TruRating…
New Global Head of Marketing & Innovation, Amy Daugherty, joins CX challenger TruRating...

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TruRating, the global customer analytics and insights technology company known for its work with retailers like JD Sports, Canada Post, and five Below, has announced the hire of their new Global Head of Marketing & Innovation, Amy Daugherty.

Taking on a dual role, in marketing her focus will be re-aligning the organization’s international efforts with a focus on rapid growth. As innovation lead, Daugherty will be initially focused on the launch of a new responsive technology set to go live at NRF in 2022.

Daugherty joins TruRating from Amala Beauty, a German luxury and organic skincare brand where she served as the Global Head of Marketing, with a 20-year career behind her in CPG, Beauty and Luxury Goods.

“I’ve sat on the other side of the table my entire career. As a marketer, understanding what made my consumer tick was at the heart of every decision I made,” said Daugherty of her career working for brands and partnering with retailers. “Intuition only takes you so far and most of the data and insights solutions I had access to over the years came up short. When I learned about TruRating, I was astonished by their capabilities and could see how their product represented the future of insights and analytics. I knew immediately that I had to be a part of it.”

Georgina Nelson, founder, and CEO of TruRating, said, “Amy’s wealth of industry knowledge and experience made her the ideal person to fill two distinct needs for the business. Within five minutes we knew she was right for us.”

TruRating is set to launch Intelligent Questions – a revolutionary responsive survey technology – at NRF 2022 and was nominated in x3 categories at the Vendors in Partnership Awards including Best CX Solution.

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