The Trurating Vision

The Beginning

The seeds for TruRating were first sown when I read Psychology at University.   I became fascinated with how to measure, understand and predict human behaviour.  The key to this quickly became apparent was data you could trust – and this required the right sample size, collected at the right time.

After graduating, I studied law and went on to work for Which?, the largest consumer association in Europe.  Working with the EU and UK governments, I became a champion for consumer rights in the then evolving online data and privacy space.

In this role, I came to understand the incredible gains that Big Tech was making from a once unimaginable level of access to detailed consumer data.  While the online players raced ahead, I could see that ‘offline’ or brick and mortar retail businesses, armed with only sales data, faced a real challenge.


I saw this play out in an avenue close to home. As President of the Booksellers Association, my father saw the sharp decline of the independent book industry from the front lines. I remember passionate family meals, where dad would tell us about the one thing online couldn’t match – human connection and ultimately a shared but unique experience.

While I wanted to believe him, I knew that without access to a reliable and representative source of good consumer data, that there would always be a struggle. With my consumer advocate hat on, I thought there had to be a better way for consumers to feedback.

I knew that if you could somehow make it super quick and simple to feedback, ideally while in the moment itself, you’d have a fighting chance of getting people to engage on mass.

And that’s when the lightbulb went off.

If you could ask people a single question, using the payment device itself, you’d be able to combine validated customer feedback with transactional data while guaranteeing privacy and security at every step.

By giving customers a voice and businesses a fair and legitimate way to collect data in both the offline and online environment, the playing field would be level once more.

And if that data could be made available for customers to see how businesses were performing in real-time? Well now you’d really be onto something.

TruRating was born.

Georgina Nelson

CEO & Founder

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TruRating is a global, rapidly scaling tech start up. Our multi-award-winning, game-changing technology takes a pulse of consumer sentiment whenever a customer pays, on the payment terminal, via their mobile or online. We’re changing the world one button push at a time…

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