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Charting the future of retail: Why we need to listen to Gen Z

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Gen Z Grumpy Grandpa
Charting the future of retail: Why we need to listen to Gen Z
Ah, the enigma that is Generation Z. Are they really so hard to decipher? And if so, why does it matter? Certainly, many retailers have spoken to us about the urgent need to connect with and engage the next generation. So what is it about “Zoomers” that makes this so challenging? For one, it’s clear from the research that there’s a real problem with pinning down Gen Z characteristics. It’s easy to rely on lazy assumptions and stereotypes about the TikTok generation –  “they’re digital natives, so of course they prefer to do all their shopping online”.
The Vocal Minority: How genuine customer voices are being drowned out by the fakes and extreme few. 
It’s been discussed time and time again – online reviews now play a huge part in consumer decision-making. And it’s well-known that fake reviews are a big problem (to the point where law-makers in the US are introducing legislation to combat the issue). Add in the fact that it’s usually the most disappointed or delighted customers that even trouble themselves to leave reviews, and you end up with a morass of unrepresentative feedback. 
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Global retailer collects real-time insights, without compromising throughput
TruRating helps a global retailer achieve their most critical KPI and collect real-time insights, without compromising throughput efficiency at the till. This customer, an industry-leading global supermarket chain with 10,000+ stores in over 20 countries, is renowned for its competitively low prices, streamlined store layouts, and extensive product offerings, consistently aiming to impress customers from the moment they entire the store.
Every store is a snowflake
Every Store is a Snowflake
One of my first ever TruRating conversations was with a lady at Starbucks HQ who said this – and educated me on the importance of understanding the individuality of each store. With different customers, each with their own needs, expectations, and behavior patterns – retailers should take a granular view of the experience within each store.
measure what matters
Measuring What Matters to Retail Customers
In the ever-evolving world of retail, success hinges on understanding and meeting customer expectations. Store Operations leaders are at the forefront of this pursuit of excellence. In this blog series we explore how top-performing retail brands are leveraging the power of customer feedback to provide vital, data-driven KPIs for their store teams. We previously covered critical metrics for store teams and the importance of asking the right questions. Here we’ll look at how to ‘measure what matters’ most to customers – by ensuring there’s a built-in financial link to the customer responses.
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Webinar | Retail Resilience: Navigating the Retail Landscape & Thriving Amidst Uncertainty
In today’s rapidly evolving retail landscape, uncertainties are bound to happen. Consumer behavior constantly shifts, and retailers must adapt quickly to stay ahead. In such times, it becomes crucial for retailers to harness meaningful insights within their control to deliver exceptional service experiences. 
Retail Customer Question Strategy
In this blog series, examining how fast-growing retailers drive continuous improvements in-store via customer feedback, we’ll continue by looking at the question strategy.  Proactively monitoring store team performance has traditionally been tricky for large retail chains. Being able to pinpoint and act to fix issues before they impact the customer – and sales figures for that store – can be a huge competitive advantage. To this end, with the right technologies and question strategy, some forward-thinking Operations leaders are now turning to customer feedback as a reliable method for measuring, managing, and motivating store teams.
6 Metrics for Store Teams
Staff performance measurement through customer feedback
TruRating’s data experts have been working with retailers across the globe to identify the most critical key metrics that can be used to measure store team performance, according to their customers.
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What do your consumers really think about self-checkout?
The checkout experience is a critical moment of truth in retail – a chance to either delight or disappoint your customers and critically, the last impression they’ll leave your store with.  The rise of self-checkout (SCO) in retail is by all evidence a growing trend and while retailers reserve the right to be excited about the potential efficiencies and labor cost provided by SCO – there are still certain ambiguities about the perceived benefits on the customer side.

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