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The Open CX Manifesto: Welcome to Customer-Centricity Made Simple

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Retail Customer Question Strategy
In this blog series, examining how fast-growing retailers drive continuous improvements in-store via customer feedback, we’ll continue by looking at the question strategy.  Proactively monitoring store team performance has traditionally been tricky for large retail chains. Being able to pinpoint and act to fix issues before they impact the customer – and sales figures for that store – can be a huge competitive advantage. To this end, with the right technologies and question strategy, some forward-thinking Operations leaders are now turning to customer feedback as a reliable method for measuring, managing, and motivating store teams.
6 Metrics for Store Teams
Staff performance measurement through customer feedback
TruRating’s data experts have been working with retailers across the globe to identify the most critical key metrics that can be used to measure store team performance, according to their customers.
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What do your consumers really think about self-checkout?
The checkout experience is a critical moment of truth in retail – a chance to either delight or disappoint your customers and critically, the last impression they’ll leave your store with.  The rise of self-checkout (SCO) in retail is by all evidence a growing trend and while retailers reserve the right to be excited about the potential efficiencies and labor cost provided by SCO – there are still certain ambiguities about the perceived benefits on the customer side.
500 Million Ratings
Half a Billion Ratings for TruRating, the Customer Feedback Platform That Was ‘Never Supposed To Happen’
ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / May 23, 2023 / TruRating, the world’s fastest growing, most representative and trusted consumer ratings platform, today announces a milestone half a billion pieces of feedback collected worldwide.
Driving CX
Driving CX the entire store team can rally around
Much of my time is spent speaking with retail leaders, developing thought partnership CX strategy and quite honestly, spending time in stores. On a recent morning, I arrived at a mid-box retailer where they were just completing their morning huddle.
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Webinar | Self-checkout: What Consumers Really Think?
Self-Checkout (SCO) is predicted to grow to a $10 billion market in 2023 – yet for many retailers, the impact on customer experience and overall satisfaction remains a blindspot. Chief Data Officer, Gareth Johns, dives into insights from our research, where we heard from over 40,000 shoppers on their motivational drivers for using self-checkout.
TruRating Event Network
Five Essential Guest Service Insights for Experiential Retail
Event Network is a data driven organization and the attractions with whom we work are too. That’s why we decided to partner with retail analytics company TruRating to collect feedback from our guests on the level of service they experience in our stores. We are sharing what we’ve learned with our partners, celebrating our results with our teams, and acting on opportunities to take our guest service to the next level.
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Webinar | The Shopper has Spoken: The Retailer’s Guide to Combatting the Cost of Living Crisis
In this webinar, we explore: TruRating polling results from over 170,000 consumers’ responses on how inflation has changed, where, when, and how they shop. The tale of two cities: why inflation does not impact every shopper similarly, and how retailers can cater to this shift. A global view of customer behavior by region and age. Examples of retailers’ strategies that continue to build strong customer loyalty even in times of inflation.
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NRF 2023: The Big Show – Day 3 Roundup
And it’s with slightly heavy hearts that we say goodbye to NYC, but after such an amazing show, we’re ready to hit 2023 running. As always, the mix of cutting-edge retail tech, retail innovation, and top-notch speakers kept us fully occupied. A big shout out to friends, old and new, who we were able to catch up with in person – you truly brought the beach booth to life

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