Be open to customer feedback. Anytime, anywhere

Ask one quick question, from a rotating set, at any touchpoint – all with TruRating Flex. Generate insights fast, and cross-reference with feedback gathered at point of sale. And put the power into your consumers’ hands with optional follow-ups. This is omnichannel, the Open CX way.

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Collect feedback across the customer journey

Pinpoint experience gaps pre- or post-purchase, and discover where you could do more to drive conversion and loyalty.


Analyse against POS survey data

Take insights from across the customer journey and validate with your payment terminal feedback, all to quantify the ROI of making a change.


Prove you're taking action to customers

Follow up with consumers who want you to do so, and see how you’re doing with NPS scores at each touchpoint in a single dashboard.

The features our customers love

1 rotating question, 1 click

Give your customers a feedback experience they love

Email, SMS or in-app delivery

Reach your customers, across all channels

Connected to revenue

Connect feedback to basket size, conversion and repeat visits

Omnichannel touchpoints

Integrate easily at any pre- or post-transaction touchpoint

Closed-loop, done right

Put your customers in the driver’s seat with optional follow-up

AI-powered text analytics

Uncover trends and sentiment from open-text feedback

Uncover the issue. Then quantify the impact.

Ask just one question – from a rotating set – at any pre- or post-purchase touchpoint with Flex. Then use TruRating in-store or online to hear from the masses.

One platform, built for the entire customer journey

Our Flex technology is ready to help your entire organization solve its biggest challenges. So, what do you want to know?


Optimize shipping costs, delivery and service based on feedback
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  • Optimize shipping costs, delivery and service based on feedback
  • Uncover issues with your delivery partners
  • Follow up with customers who have had a bad experience


Reduce cost-to-serve by improving first-call resolution
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  • Reduce cost-to-serve by improving first-call resolution
  • Uncover coaching opportunities based on live, accurate feedback
  • Keep service standards high with fast, easy-to-give feedback


Design better omnichannel journeys with accurate feedback
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  • Design better omnichannel journeys with accurate feedback
  • Understand the BOPIS experience in detail
  • Improve the returns experience no matter where someone purchased their item

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Every time a customer gives a rating, TruRating donates to one of several children’s charities around the world. It’s part of our DNA and one reason consumers love to give their feedback with us.

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