Every Store is a Snowflake

One of my first ever TruRating conversations was with a lady at Starbucks HQ who said this – and educated me on the importance of understanding the individuality of each store. With different customers, each with their own needs, expectations, and behavior patterns – retailers should take a granular view of the experience within each store.

Measuring What Matters to Retail Customers

In the ever-evolving world of retail, success hinges on understanding and meeting customer expectations. Store Operations leaders are at the forefront of this pursuit of excellence. In this blog series we explore how top-performing retail brands are leveraging the power of customer feedback to provide vital, data-driven KPIs for their store teams.

We previously covered critical metrics for store teams and the importance of asking the right questions. Here we’ll look at how to ‘measure what matters’ most to customers – by ensuring there’s a built-in financial link to the customer responses.