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NRF 2023 Day 1 Roundup
NRF 2023:The Big Show – Day 1 Roundup
And it begins! NRF 2023 is here and what better way to kick off the retail year than a showcase of some of the most exciting talent and voices in the industry. The opportunity to meet some of our favorite people face to face is enough to get TeamTru excited – as you might be able to tell from the picture below.
Why Values Still Matter
In the final installment of our latest Consumer Insights Report, we take a look at a key, if often undersung consideration – the long-term beneficial impacts of understanding and acting on the ethical concerns of your consumer base (in case you missed them Parts 1, 2, and 3 are all still available).
The Increasingly Thoughtful Customer

In Parts 1 and 2 of our Inflation Report, we looked at the cross-generational impacts of inflation and how global price rises on daily necessities are impacting consumer habits respectively. 

In Part 3 of the report, we turn our eye to how inflation is leading to a new consumer mindset overhaul – one less inclined to discretionary purchases, yet at the same time more willing to potentially try new retail options. 

Rising Prices, Changing Habits
Last week we shared the first of a four-part look at the ways that inflation is impacting the retail landscape, with exclusive findings from our latest consumer report. While in Part 1, we explored the varying impacts of inflation across the generations, in Part 2, we take a look at how the inflationary impact on essential consumptions, like groceries and petrol, is shaping the way the modern consumer approaches retail.
Why Inflation Doesn’t Impact Everyone the Same Way?
While it would be nice to say it’s been a long time since retail was met with a singularly dominant challenge, the global cost-of-living crisis has picked up the reins from where COVID-19 left off. 
Tis the Season of Shifting Shopper Priorities
Tis the Season of Shifting Shopper Priorities
This is certainly true in the retail world as the culmination of asking all the right questions prior to the holidays leads to hope that it positions retailers for a successful selling season. However, inflationary and economic pressures have set the stage for shifting holiday priorities. Here are a few that are most top of mind for retailers.
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Webinar Recap – Navigating Economic Uncertainty
The retail space is entering a period of change. There is no denying the effects of the 2020 pandemic have changed consumers’ shopping habits. George Mason University’s Center for Retail Transformation invited four panelists to explore the state of retail in a time of economic uncertainty. 
Center for Retail Transformation partners with TruRating
George Mason University announced today that the Center for Retail Transformation at the university’s School of Business has entered into a partnership with TruRating, a customer experience and insights company with offices in London, Atlanta, and Sydney.
Consumer Behavior in Times of Inflation Presentation
Webinar Recap – Consumer Behavior in Times of Inflation
An increase in inflation has prompted shoppers to change their spending habits, especially in the retail sector. Joe Skorupa, retail consultant and Editor at Large for RIS News, an EnsembleIQ media portfolio, teamed up with TruRating’s Chief Data Officer Gareth Johns to discuss the changes in consumer behavior in times of inflation.

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Join the thousands of amazing people who receive our retail industry insights straight to their inbox every single month.

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