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Guaranteed to be Grumpy: Consumer Aversion of Long-Form Surveys 

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Increasing your revenue as a retailer – one more item in the basket
There are at least five basic ways for retailers to drive up their revenues…
What is a good response rate for customer satisfaction surveys?
Without a constant flow of in-store data, actionable decision-making is near impossible. To deliver here, you need response rates of at least 60-70% daily. So how do you make the jump?
Dash 2.0 Updates
As we continue to build up to the full release of Dashboard 2.0 another round of updates are now available for you to take advantage of over the next few weeks.
How Millenial and Gen-Z retail habits are changing after COVID
While there has been much talk about the great shift and existential challenge that COVID-19 poses to retailers, we have heard less about the impact at a generational level.
COVID-19: Measuring Customer Safety Experience In-Store
As stores across the world re-open, there is a huge focus on customer safety.  For CEOs and store operations executives, a lack of visibility at a store level is a huge issue.
Steve Dennis – Remarkable Retail
Steve Dennis, is a top 10 retail influencer, world renowned keynote speaker and lecturer and Forbes columnist. With the recent publication of his first book Remarkable Retail, we sat down and talked through the ideas within, and some of Steve’s influences along the way.
13 retail experts on life after COVID-19
While many retailers have been focused on the fundamental necessities just to keep operations running over the last few months, as we start to look towards a world in which stores are open again, the question arises, what will be waiting for us on the other side?
Supporting the Coronavirus Relief
Charity is close to the heart of everything we do here at TruRating, and in the light of the disruption and chaos in the wake of the Coronavirus, we couldn’t just sit back and watch.
Why is it so hard to prove the ROI of CX?
Ask any CX professional. Proving the direct ROI of what you do can be hard work. Any number of reasons can be given for this. Lack of executive support. Unclear objectives. Or as is often the case, no clear way to link action to finances.

Want to stay in the loop?

Join the thousands of amazing people who receive our retail industry insights straight to their inbox every single month.

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