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Supporting the Coronavirus Relief
Charity is close to the heart of everything we do here at TruRating, and in the light of the disruption and chaos in the wake of the Coronavirus, we couldn’t just sit back and watch.
Why is it so hard to prove the ROI of CX?
Ask any CX professional. Proving the direct ROI of what you do can be hard work. Any number of reasons can be given for this. Lack of executive support. Unclear objectives. Or as is often the case, no clear way to link action to finances.
How To Make Customer Analytics Work For Your Business
Last week, we looked at how customer experience programs are failing the needs of modern retail. Today we’ll look at how a new generation of customer analytics is changing this. But first a quick recap.
Why Customer Experience is Failing Your Business
In 2019 the term customer experience was mentioned over 2,500 times on US earnings calls, x5 more than 2008. While this growth has been praised as positive by the industry, for the average shopper, the real question remains – what’s in it for me?
What can the last US election teach us about Retail in 2020?
Could an unrecognized phenomena be at the heart of the ‘retail apocalypse’?
How to make the most of the holiday season – a retail guide.
While it may feel like the holiday season is still a little while off, it’s a given truth of retail life that the season tends to creep up earlier and earlier each year.  While for some, this might be enough to make you want to exclaim ‘Bah Hambug!’, the fact of the matter is holiday sales are stronger than ever
3 CX Improvements To Drive Revenue Growth
We recently submitted a guest blog post for our fantastic partners Retail Pro about three simple customer experience tactics you can implement to drive revenue growth for your business. Because we’re generous, we’ve decided to share the intro of the article here, enjoy this taster and be sure to click through for the full read below!
The Influencers: Andrew Busby
Second up to bat in our new series The Influencers, we were lucky enough to speak to the fantastic Andrew Busby. Having worked in the retail industry for over 20 years, Andrew’s time is now primarily spent working as a retail analyst, writer and keynote speaker.
The Influencers: Nicole Leinbach Reyhle

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Join the thousands of amazing people who receive our retail industry insights straight to their inbox every single month.

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