Are Customers Really Too Busy to Give Feedback?

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52% of senior leaders believe customer experience is the “most important way” to differentiate their brands—that’s great, but many brands struggle to find out exactly what their customers think of their experiences, making it difficult for them to make informed improvements.

We believe that if you make the process of collecting feedback quick and simple, the majority of your customers will give it to you. Unfortunately, many retailers fail here, with complex forms to be filled out or online surveys that are disconnected from the in-store shopping experience, leading to low response rates (less than 2%!) and the false perception that customers are too busy to tell you what they think.

It’s not just us that share this point of view, as this recent article suggests: “In many instances, customers welcome the chance for their thoughts to be heard—particularly at the point of purchase or in dealing with a business, when the experience is fresh in their minds.” In other words, customers would love to tell your business what they think, provided you make it timely and easy for them to do so. 

At TruRating we’ve been working hard to help retailers collect mass, validated feedback at the point of sale by simply asking one question on the payment device when a customer pays. Sounds simple, right? And with a typical 88% response rate, we are disproving this “customer is too busy” myth while providing our partners with invaluable insight to help improve their customers’ experience.

Chris Hannay

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